You wahddup00:27

You wahddup

The Baby Song is that was sung in "The Jiggler." It is sung by Finn and whistled by The Jiggler.


First part:

Finn: Baby,

Jake: Ooo!

Finn: I know what you need,

Jake: What's that?

Finn: You want your little baby socks... for your little baby feet.

Jake: Woooo.

Finn: Baby,

Jake: Yeah?

Finn: I know what you crave,

Jake: Oh yeah? What's that?

Finn: You want to poop your pants all day long, well baby behave!

Second part:

Finn: Baby... you lookin' so good, You lookin' like you might- want some baby food.

Jake: Keep it goin', man!

Finn: Baby, you lookin' so fine. You lookin' like you might- just start cryin'.


Finn: I gotta tuck you in, girl. I gotta sing you sweet melodies about babies, yeah!

Jake: Little baby feet!

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