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Fionna (Adoptive Sister)


Ice Queen

Voice Actor

Roz Ryan

Cake is the gender-swapped, and species-swapped version of Jake. She appeared in the episode "Fionna and Cake." Fionna is her best friend in the world and just like Finn and Jake, who are like brothers to each other, they are like sisters to each other. Her boyfriend is Lord Monochromicorn. She plays the Dulcimer with him, just as Jake plays his viola with Lady Rainicorn. She loves to go on adventures with Fionna. Cake is usually always at Fionna's side. She also has Stretchy Powers like Jake, but she has a different power that Jake has never been seen using in the original show, the "Morning-Star Mode." She is very protective to Fionna, as Jake is to Finn, and is always there to help her when she is in danger. It is stated that she was raised by Ice Queen, this may not be true though. Cake was said to have met Fionna in the mushroom war (Just like Finn and Jake).


  • As Jake knows Korean to speak with Lady Rainicorn, Cake knows Morse Code to speak with Lord Monochromicorn.
  • She seems to be able to use Stretching Powers.
  • She fears Marshall Lee, as Jake feared Marceline.
  • Jake plays the viola; Cake plays the Hammered Dulcimer
  • Cake's tail frizzes out when there is danger


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