Multi-Dimensional Bubble Creator

The Multi-Dimensional Bubble Creator was seen in the episode "The Real You." It can create bubbles up to the 4th Dimension. Finn created it, and nearly destroyed Princess Bubblegum's Science Barbeque with a bubble it made. It was destroyed when the Golden Sword went through it, making the sword 4D, and destroying the sword.

Bubbles it can make

  • 2D - A Flat bubble. It casts a 1D shadow.
  • 3D - A 3D bubble. It casts a 2D shadow.
  • 4D - A 4D bubble. It casts 3D shadows, and is a black hole.
  • 1D - Not shown.


  • The 1D bubble was the only one not shown, but had a setting for creating it.


Adventure Time - DMT Dimensions03:19

Adventure Time - DMT Dimensions


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