Nightosphere Amulet

The Nightosphere Amulet is an amulet first seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere," as a part of Hunson Abadeer's clothing. It is seen again in "Daddy's Little Monster," where Hunson gives it to Marceline to grant wishes, but this is a trick to get her to put it on and become Ruler of the Nightosphere. It turns anyone's alignment into Chaotic Evil. Finn put in on in order to successfully move Marceline and Jake to the Tree Fort. Though in the process of moving the two, Chaotic Evil overpowers him causing him to rampage and nearly sending Marceline and Jake back to the Nightosphere. Hunson removes the amulet from Finn and once again is the prime holder of the amulet.


The amulet has a golden strap and a large purple gem one it. 


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