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Finn, Jake

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Piglets are cute, little pigs born from the "Magic Beans" a Guardian was protecting that came out in the episode "The Pods." The Guardian gave the responsibility to Finn & Jake, though Jake didn't want to protect the "Magic Beans." The Quest was give to them both, but Jake had an idea to plant them and kill the evil Pod that came out, saving time for the Ice Cream Marathon Jake was dying to attend. They planted and waited for the beans to grow. 3 pods grew, and the first pod that sprouted had The Piglets, the second pod was six magic wands that made a rainbow wave and pooped glitter when swinging it, and the last pod was unlimited Ice Cream. But the last pod didn't grow at the time. Finn & Jake wanted to see it the Piglets were "evil," so they gave the piglets a test. The Piglets only responses they answered was the allergic question; A drawing of Ice Cream. The third pod had not grown yet, so Finn & Jake decided to have fun with the Piglets. Finally, the last pod grew. Finn & Jake were very confused when none of the Pods were evil. Then they realized the piglets were gone, along with the magic wands. They searched the nearby town. The Piglets were attacking the town with the magic wands and destroying things. Finn thought of their weakness: Ice Cream. Finn & Jake then used the third Pod (The Ice Cream Pod) to kill the evil piglets.


  • The pigs came out of the first pod.
  • They are allergic to ice cream.


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