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The (hidden) Snail is a character that appears in nearly all Adventure Time episodes, except in "Trouble in Lumpy Space," and in "Blood Under the Skin." But later, "Blood Under the Skin" and "Trouble in Lumpy Space" were remade, so he is seen. He is the "hidden easter egg," which means that if you find him, then congratulate yourself! The snail is always in a good hiding place, making it hard to find him. He is always waving at the screen.

Possessed Form

Snail S2E24-tr

Possessed Snail

In "Mortal Folly," he gets possessed by The Lich and frees him from the amber prison. He has not returned to his normal form ever since that moment in time. He made a small appearance in the comic, where The Lich leaves his body and he turns back to normal. The Lich had left the snails body sometime around the episode "The Lich."


Adventure Time - Season 1 Snails01:10

Adventure Time - Season 1 Snails

Season 1

Adventure Time - Season 2 Snails01:47

Adventure Time - Season 2 Snails

Season 2

Adventure Time - Season 3 Snails01:50

Adventure Time - Season 3 Snails

Season 3


  • Technically, the Snail's eyes are lower than it should be, as its eyes should be up on its antennae.
  • In Storytelling, the snail twice.


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