Titlecard S2E5 storytelling

Storytelling is the 32nd episode of Adventure Time and the 5th episode in Season 2. It first aired on November 8, 2010.


Jake gets sick, so Finn must find him a story with Romance, Suspense, and a good Fight to make Jake feel better.


Jake is in his bed moaning and groaning, Jake tells Finn to give him his blankey, Finn does so, but Jake throws it off, stating that it is "to hot," Jake then tells Finn to tell him a story, but while Finn tells it, Jake interrupts telling Finn he wants a "real" story, Finn tells Jake that he'll do it and leaves to do so. Finn then looks around outside and then returns to Jake with his story, Finn tells Jake the story, but it makes Jake feel even worse. Jake tells Finn that a real story should have a good fight, suspense, and romance. Jake then hands Finn a list of what the story should have and Finn leaves to make the story.


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