The The Gut Song is a song Jake sings in the episode "Ricardio the Heart Guy." He sings it when he and Finn are arguing about whether Ricardio is evil or good on top of a Gumball Guardian.


Your gut says he's evil.
My gut says he's good!
Why not put our guts together
And end this funky feud?

Original Lyrics

Your butt says he's evil.
My butt says he's good!
Why not put our butts together
And end this funky feud?


  • Originally, this song was intended to be called "The Butt Song" and it was going to be the same thing, only with "Butt" in the place of "Gut". However, they changed this when they realized that the pun of them talking about their gut feelings was funnier than making the show do it's 300th fart joke for the episode.

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